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    Saray Textile, established in 1985 by ?smet Sarpkaya as drygoods, changed the name as Tual Textile and focused on women's clothing to take place in developing and changing textile industry and to supply high-quality raw materials (fabric, leather, fur) to the companies that are engaged in manufacturing women's clothing industry by his son Melih Sarpkaya in 1993, and begin to import fabrics from Europe and Far Eastern.

    Tual textile, one of the advanced companies of the sector with high-quality products it offers to ready-to-wear manifacturers, continues its activities in Ankara and ?stanbul showroom and as a company, Tual Textile always aims technological innovation and quality, and presents to the customers its renewed collection that is both domestically produced or imported from abroad every season.

    Tual Textile is one of the companies that reached the fast age of textile exceeding the customer expectations together with the foresighted product range and aims to become one of the fabric industry-leading brands.